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Modified Power - Your Solution for Generators, Parts, and More

Division of Metal Masters, Inc.

Modified Power LLC is the leading Emergency Generator, “Standby and Prime Power” facility for modifications, accessories and services, specializing in code and specification compliance located in Newberry, South Carolina. We have been in business for over 35 years.

Our Generators

Get reliable generators & parts from a top-tier facility

Generators can last for years if they are well-managed, but how do you know what generator parts to buy? How do you know if you need a box or a flush mount? What is the difference between roof mounted and standalone? These are the kind of questions that the team at Modified Power LLC receives on a daily basis.

Meet Our Talented Team of Experts

Our generator & parts experts are here to satisfy all your power needs

Having backup electricity in an emergency or disaster situation is not just a matter of comfort or ease – it can save lives. At Modified Power LLC, we help you get the parts you need to keep your power generator up and running no matter what weather events or environmental changes occur. Our shipment facility is top of the line and run by generator experts who can help you get exactly what you need at competitive prices.

Why Should You Choose Modified Power?


Our team of emergency power generator experts have decades of experience with modifications, accessories and services, code and specification compliance

Superior Parts

We are dedicated to providing you with only the best generator parts, metalwork, installation, paint and testing to ensure reliable quality

Work Ethic

As soon as we receive your generator parts order, development begins. We value efficiency and speed along with safety and excellence

Customer Service

At Modified Power, we don't just work with parts; we work with people. Every customer is a valuable asset to our business and is treated as such

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